soccer field lines

I followed this grass tutorial because I want to make a soccer field.
How can I set the white lines on the soccerfield like this:

You could make a texture with the base lines on it at a low resolution (blocked white lines). The only issue with this being that the proportions of the football pitch may mean that a power of two texture will stretch slightly. Then, you can map that directly onto the surface the grass is being emitted from, and turn on a slight alpha or at least turn down the amount that the map affects the colour, which will allow the grass shading to show through.

Thinking about it, this may not work as the grass material is likely different from that of the ground plane. In which case maybe you could make a new plane just above the grass (as close as possible) and use the same technique but with an alpha channel so it affects the colour underneath.

as on a real football pitch, the lines are painted on the grass, why not colour those areas of the grass that are painted

I have tried but can not get it work with a texture .
I have also chosen UV mapping but still the grass is not getting the same color like the image texture is.
Can you help me out with this in blender 2.5?