Soft Bodies Already Implemented?

I heard that you could get softbodies in Blender by renaming the object with the first letters as “Soft”. Can someone explain this in further detail, and explain what can be done as of late? Or was it just a joke?

well, you can get some sort of controls in the particle interation panel when you rename the object with the start of “soft”

this is just the start of the implementation in 2.36, so it is just a placeholder/basis for the coders to work off of…

it does absolutely nothing now


Oh, well, I got myself all giddy… lol… thats cool. Has the Dev team started working on the next Blender version yet?
( I know its a bit early, but I HAVE to ask…)

This might be a stupid question, and I’m too lazy to look the answer up, but what exactly are soft bodies and why does everyone want them so bad?

Soft bodies are meshes that can be effect by other objects, and physics. Eg. Cloth, and Jello ( or anything that can be deformed by other objects or bouncing or something. As you can see, this would make Blender a lot better…
(Not that it isn’t great already… :wink: )