Soft Body Objects and ... shape or scale animation????

I’ve been messing around with an Ico sphere that is soft body. I simply have it falling and then landing on a plane. It does it’s nice soft body thing. What I wanted to do next is have it slowly grow and do some deforming at the same time. I tried shape animation, and if it doesn’t crash, there is now shape animation visible. Is it safe for me to assume this is impossible? Or am I missing something?
I was hoping for this “blob” to be interactive. It would get pushed around as it grew and deformed. By deform I mean, like a pregnant lady’s belly… when the baby starts moving around and stuff. Not sure if you’ve ever seen that. It’s pretty cool.
Anyway… for this example I used shape keys just to make it grow.
I’ve posted a blend file for you to disect.
Blend file was made with 2.49.


Softbodygrow_blob.blend (190 KB)

I got an idea.

Try animating it’s scale on an ‘object level’ as oppose to a ‘shape level’

I’m sure you’ve scaled things in the 3D view port before in Object mode.
Just do the same thing but key frame it small then 100 frames later, Big.

set up logic bricks to trigger the Ipo curve you just made.

hope fully this should be the desired effect your looking for.

Let me know if it works.

You could try a Displace Modifier and then animate a texture for displacement.

  1. Add Icosphere
  2. Modifier>dispalce
  3. Add texture. Default cloud will do
  4. Set texture in Displace Modifier
  5. Play with texture size and the Icosphere should change shape

If you use a texture with turbulence that could also produce some interesting shape changes.

Also check, there are some very good examples of using animated textures.

I tried the scale thing as well and that doesn’t work either.
I’ll take a look at the Displace modifier idea. Will that work in the game engine?
Hmmmm… interesting.
Thanks everyone!

Just tried the Displace modifier… pretty cool… but it doesn’t work in the game engine.

I wish I could be more help, I don’t know why the scale thing doesn’t work. (I failed)

It’s like the shape of the softbody can’t be changed on an Object level.
Blast it.

I got nothing man.