Soft Body on Linked character?

Okay, so I have a nice little cow character, who has nice wide ears (like Yoda), and I’d like to try some tests adding Soft Body deformations to the tips of her ears, so they swing a bit when she shakes her head, automatically. Since this is a test on an existing animation, I’ve already got a .blend file with the character in it, and a .blend file with the set that the character group is linked into (with the armature made into a proxy). I edited the character blend to have a new vertex group and soft body setup, and tested the variables in that file, and everything looks great. However, simply loading up the set file (with animation actions already in place) doesn’t seem to fully pick up the soft body information. The mesh object shows that Soft Body is enabled, and the values are all set they way they are in the linked file, but it seems the action from the (proxy) armature in the final blend file isn’t affecting the soft body physics? I tried doing a CTRL+B to force a physics bake, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Any step I’m missing to get soft bodies to apply to a linked-in character mesh? Or is that not possible in Blender 2.49?

So, bumping this up once to see if anyone has any ideas. I’ve seen some characters have a base model in an included file, and clothing items added to that in the actual scene rather than included in. If I want to do soft-body work on the actual mesh of the character (ears, whatnot), do I have to not have it linked in?

So, I’m guessing no one has an answer to this… so in that case, anyone know of a “wishlist” of feature suggestions to suggest to the Blender developers I could add this to? Having soft bodies work on linked objects I think would be a useful feature for character modeling/animation

I make a few characters with skeletons & soft body, worked just fine. I had to clear the cache every time I wanted to modify the skeleton though, but besides that, no issues.