Soft body physics happening without animation cycle?


I wonder if anyone can help please.

Using (especially) 2.8 is it possible to create a mesh using (whatever method / modifiers, or add-ons) And have the geometry in a state where if pushed against another object it will squish.
I know this is possible using the “animation soft body” method.

But is this doable, and have it or them in this state during normal workflow with mesh creation. (with no animation running.)

Whether having it on one object, and the other solid, (with colliders or whatever.) <-like flesh against armour.
Or on both objects, flesh on flesh. Like flesh on a soft surface Soft armour / padded clothing etc. So many possibilities… if it is possible.

The main reason for the question, is to see if its possible to have “natural” squishing, bulging, reaction etc, occur as part of the mesh build process.
But also for those automatic “soft” deformations, to manifest during animation.

Imagine a an ogre with a belly bulging over tight armour, the bulging happening of its own accord, and when animated the belly jiggles. (without that part having to be rigged.)

I have gotten the “deform part” to (kinda sorta) work. In a really rough manner in 2.79, using shrink wrap.
But it really wasn’t very controllable, and the results were quite hit and miss. <- to say the least.

Any help really appreciated.
And I hope my question made sense.

Hello all you Blender aficionados.

Just a quick follow question, and said with honest respect.

I just wondered if the OP having been seen a bunch of times with no answers…
Was because what I am asking, the option for “soft body outside of animation.”

  • Does not exist in Blender.
  • Or because it may, but no-one “yet” knows how it is achieved?

I appreciate any help.
Best A.

You are asking whether there is a way to make physics sims update in realtime during modelling? Not with any included feature. Not saying that there isn’t an add-on doing something along these lines, although I wouldn’t know any, either (and it would be awkward to implement, as new modifiers cannot be created in addons). Considering that softbody is rather slow, I’d say it wouldn’t be very practical for this, also.