Soft Body


I’ve got some difficulties with softbody in the 2.40. I try to make the Boucing Ball exemple and nothing happen: the ball fall against the plane and do not want to bounce, just become a sort of ‘Plane’ or disk…

Another problem: i want to animate Suzanne with softbody for the ears. When she turns her head, the ears comport themself like softbody. But nothing happen. I disable the goals, try some value but nothing. More, the object doesn’t want to move if i place a key at the frame 0 and another (with another position) in frame 21 for exemple? I play with the weight too

Any idea? Any good link to the documentation or tutorials?

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Just hit Alt-A. Play with the GMax setting in small increments and turn on Use Edges and play with that value.


Letting a ball bounce around with softbody??
For collision simulation stuff, Blender is still in its infancy. You can fake it though (WARNING: I’ve never tried the following soulutions my self). Make the room the ball is bouncing in a softbody. Make it ‘hard’. Use softbody to softbody collision and let your softer ball bounce around in it.


Before you enable softbody for your ball, bake the collision using the Bullet game engine. When you have your IPO’s enable softbody for your ball and bake the animation. I think I’m talking nonsense here, but if the first method doesn’t work, it won’t hurt to try it like this.


Do it by hand. After the first collision, keep keyframing the ball toward the other walls etc.


Forget softbody. Make a shape for an elongated ball and one for a compressed ball. Use game engine collision and adjust the shape as you go along.

Hope it helped…


Thanks a lot for your answers.

For the bouncing ball, it was just a try to use softbody. Nevermind.
Great thanks, Fligh % for your .blend. It seems i use the same setings, but my Suzanne doesn’t response like yours %|… so i look for the diffrences!

Thanks for your help and your time,


Mine head was in Top view and yours probably in front view… Z = Gravity. That’s all I can think of.


I just tried and these are the settings I used and managed to get a moderate bounce with some deformation.

Plane object set to defelction (default settings)

Soft Body enabled on by Ball Object
Friction: .5 Mass 1.0
Grav: 9.8 Speed 1.0
Error Limit: .1

Use Goal with the entire ball as my wertex group
G.Stiff .999 G.Damp 0
G.Min .266 G Max 0

Use Edges selected
E.Stiff .869
Stiff Quads selected (might matter)
E.Damp 0

Took me about 5 min of playing around hope it helps a litte