Soft Body

I created an icosphere over a plane. I said “Enable Soft Body” to the icosphere. I changed the “Grav” to 9.800 and unchecked Use Goal. Clicked Bake Settings, and clicked BAKE. The icosphere was supposed to deform onto the plane, but went through. What should I do?

Never mind. I looked at another thread. Said that the target mesh which is the plane has to have deflection enabled.

It works.

About cloth simulation, where in the web can I go to find a straightforward tutorial about cloth simulation?


Do you guys know how to do the jello effect?

Here’s a good video tutorial on making soft body cloth:

Now does anybody know of one for creating Jell-O like objects? Everything I’ve tried results in a crumpled mess of polys on impact :frowning:

To make something look like jello you’d need to give it an internal lattice, otherwise the physics simulation treats your mesh like it’s hollow rubber.

Try using the array modifier a few times on a cube, then select all and remove doubles.