Soft glow

I have a cylinder / button with its face towards the screen. I am trying to add a soft glow to it during animation ( normal 3D through keyframes ). I was hoping that I can demonstrate 3 stages

  1. Off / neutral
  2. Lit / Glow
  3. Soft glow that grows beyond the radius of the cylinder face.

It would be nice if I can learn how to do 2 and 3. As for 1. I will be keeping it as normal cylinder face and then pass through Lit and Soft glow beyond cylinder radius.

As for the soft glow, I think Windows boot animation used to do that. I would like to keep it proportional to the diagonal of the cylinder in the case, not offset. Thanks


No matter how much I give W for the light, there is no soft glow. I am not sure what is the proper term for it. Please see

If you are rendering with EEVEE you can activate Bloom.

With Cycles you get no glow. You have to use the compositor for that. Useful nodes for glow are the “glare” node, perhaps “sunbeams” and “blur” node.

Or you can duplicate the scene and render it in parallel with EEVEE. Then composit only the Bloom pass from EEVEE onto your Cycles rendering.

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I am trying EEVEE for now. Thanks. I will try and update.

Can you please tell me where I can find the option to activate " Bloom " ? I tried the Shading mode, but unable to find the option.

In the Properties Panel -> Render Panel.
It is a global setting. You can not set it per object or shader.

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