Soft Light in my game

Heres an ingame example of my game, as you can see where i have marked with red. the light stops pretty rough. i need a way to get the light as soft toned out as possible. is there any good way that you can help me with that?

or is it no way to fix it?

well, im pretty sure that (if its a lamp) its automatically a soft gradient. Besides, it looks pretty soft to me. Maybe u should try moving the lamp away from the corner, it should change the angle and stuff, should work.

You can bake an Ambient Occlusion generated texture to the room so it fills up a little more and in this way prevent using more lights.

You can also fake some ambient light by increasing the emit value of the material.

yeah i see its kinda hard to see on the picture. but it just like cuts the light kinda hard in the game. cause of using the sphere metode on the lamp. cause i noticed when not have it in sphere. it will light up my whole room thats far in the distance very low. i wanted it pitched black.