Soft shadows, blured reflections, defocus..and a robot :)


I used blender a long time ago (before the “OpenSource era”) and I leave it since I needed raytracing capabilities (so I jumped to Carrara because off its good renderer). Now that blender is going better every day (almost…) I wanted to see if I could get the same results with raytracing using blender instead Carrara. Here is a try (soft raytraced shadows, A.O., defocus)

and here a bigger version :


That is very smooth.
Great Job!
Can you share some settings?
How long was the render times?
Blender Internal?
Good modeling also, I like the robots.

That’s hugely impressive. An absolutely flawless image, I think.

That’s a great picture as always :wink:

Beautiful lighting and colors. The Robot is funy and the scene is really interesting.

Great Render nice composition very dynamic. The eyes are little too washed out for my taste.
So what is your conclusion? Is Blender up to the task?

Fantastic job as always

I can do some screenshots tonight if you’re interesting. The render time is about 10 or 15 minutes (I haven’t looked at the counter) and it’s an internal render yes.

thank you

I agree with you for the eye but at the start it was only a picture for some tests and I quickly selected some polygons and turned them to black without any other changes and the material is too much shiny and reflective for this part…

Yes, I’m surprised by the quality of the internal renderer…

Can you share a similar render you’ve got from Cararra ?

Great! Though there’s not much detail to carefully look at, the mere fact it’s sooooo attractive and well constructed, I could never look for more. Fantastic render!

Btw, just wanted to follow-up on Meta-Androcto, could you share your settings, please, sir? I’d be very much interested to know how you made this one in blender internal. I never really thought BI could do that well. HmmmmMmm… Thanks so much!

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I really wonder if those lips ever move. haha! I can’t imagine a metallic material moving like a skin does. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was expecting suzanne. This is the first thing that’s made my jaw drop in a while.

I havn’t time yesterday to do that but I’ll give you infos about my settings soon.

Thank you everyone for your comments

because the image is so nice, I will nit pick :smiley:
1: that thing at the bottom (i think it’s to wind it up?) looks a little lumpy
2: put subsurf up one, that ring under the neck has about 16 verts.

received ! I’ll do better next time :slight_smile:

For Reynante and Meta-Androcto, here are some screenshots of the settings. The texture in the robot material is just a noise blender texture. The lightset is simple : a light on the left, one on the right, one on the top-right (the only one that casts shadows), raytraced softshadows, AO (see screenshot) , blured reflexions ont he ground (see screenshot) and node for focal blur (see screenshot). For the render I posted, I had a very little blur with the node editor but it was very light so I don’t talk about it.


Very very nice :slight_smile: Lovely model.

like borg leader said…Where did you get your hdr…always looking to add to my collection

where does anybody find hdr maps? Im gonna start trying those out, so any pointers would be great.