I’m trying to use Softbodies to let a cloth fall onto a table and adjust itself acordingly based on the gravity and the shape of the table or whatever but I am coming across troubles (This is my first time using Softbodies). Can someone point me towards a good tutorial for using Softbodies in Blender?

I downloaded the Blender files and saw some great examples of Softbodies but I still don’t really get how to implement them into a still rendering, not an animation.

EDIT: I kinda got the cloth to work a bit but another problem is that while simulating, the clothes falls through every object. Should the mesh im using (in this case, the table) be set, somehow, as a collision surface.

check out this video.
it will tell you what you are missing.

Wow, thanx! That was an awesome tutorial. Time to start experimenting now :smiley: . Thank you again.

I’m interested too
but I can’t open the URL
the link is dead :-?


The link is fine. Just tried it. Just do a “save-as” to your computer.


yes, it works fine
I needed to download “something” first
codec something :Z