Softbody material memory, for metal..?

In this thread, ibkanat shows some experiments they did using softbody material memory to simulate thin metal, but never replied with details on how they did it.

I’d like to use softbody material memory for a shot in which a heavy object is slammed into a sheet of steel, but my experiments so far always have some level of ‘gelatinousness’ to them. However much I mess with the sliders, the softbody object sticks to the colliding object as it falls away, and the dent of the initial impact smooths out too much on the rebound.

Has anyone done any experimenting with this? Any help’s much appreciated!

A new shrinkwrap modifier is coming that will be perfect for a metal sheet and an object colliding. I saw a video demonstrating how it could be animated. There are SVNs available at

I’ve played a bit with shrinkwrap in the new SVN builds (very cool), but am unsure how to use it for this kind of animation. I’d love to see this video, if you can dig it up.

Thanks for the heads up!