Softbody Tutorials (New Thread)

Because the other Thread is getting a little bit big i started this new one, where i will announce new Video Tutorials on Softbodies.

For eveyrone who has not seen them, you can find them on my homepage


Thanks Tuxbot, your tutorials are fantastic!

Can’t wait until the new one.

handy tutorials, gr8 thanks!


Wow, :o what an amazing set of tuts. Incredibly simple, yet neither patronising nor vapid in content. I never knew Blender could do such an amazing thing (how foolish of me).

The moral of the story, Blender rocks and so does tuxbot.

So… many… possiblities entering … my … brain.

silly noob question, but

is Softbody a plugin for blender or something else?
cause i can’t do the tuts (i don’t have the wright panels,that say Softbody etc.).
where can i dwnld it?


@all: Thank you guys :expressionless:
But you shouldn’t thank me for doing the tutorials but thank Bjornmose, Ton and all the other great developers who implement these functions into blender. :smiley:

The Softbody functions are currently not implemented in the official Version of Blender, although it will be in the upcoming 2.37 Release.
You can use Softbodies in the CVS developer Versions you can either download from the developer Forum at (look into Testing builds) or from the download Section of my site (Blender CVS Builds).



Is there any softbody tutorials you can actually READ online?

@kansas_15: Sorry i’m currently not aware of any.

Hi folks. The new intermediate tutorial on the new softbake feature is now online at my site.

You can download it here

Happy blending :smiley:



could you make a tut dealing with bone deformations and soft bodies (Ex: moving arm covered with cloth) i can’t figure it out.

Also, how the hell could you throw some cubes on a plane and have them interact each other and with the plane too in terms of collition detection, assuming they are all solids(metals, rocks whatever)?

thanks again master!!!


YOur video is very well done,

could you consider writing it down and donate to blender documentation?


Sorry for the late reply. Had a lot to do in the last few days. :wink:

well, allthough i don’t have the time right now to write the tutorials down, i decided to give away “webspace” on my server to everyone who wants to write blender tutorials. that way, we might get a more uniform tutorial style and a common place for tutorials.

everyone who wants to write tutorials or wants to host his private blender gallery, just drop me a mail: [email protected]


hi tuxbot!

i tried to get onto your site a view times, but can’t get any (ping) reply from it.
Do you need additional traffic?

I have for myself many problems with “softbodies” and “particles” (i get only glowing snowballs, no rain :wink: )/ “effects” so i would love seeing this tutorials.


Looks like the website no longer exists.

Does anyone happen to have a copy of these original soft body tutorials? Please post them online or email me; I’ll be glad to host these on my website as well.


Sprite, is this the softbody tut you’re looking for,

Hi Ozo:

That’s exactly it. Thank you! Do you know if this site hosts all of the other videos that used to be on

Thanks again.

Which key is it he say I should hit for see the softbody animation? It sounds like he say LA.

Alt + A.:smiley: