Software Help?

Hi everybody,

I am rendering an animation in a Jpeg format so I can stop and start it without losing any progress. Anyway, I have all these Jpegs and I need to compile them into a movie. Is there a good free software that can do this? I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks! :o


Take a look at the Video Sequence Editor window.

This is exactly how I work, render single frames, add the images into the sequence editor and render out as a video. However, .jpeg’s image quality is poor because of the compression. I usually render out frames in .png format instead, it’s a lossless format and the image quality is much better. Afterall, you will be loosing some quality when you render your sequence out into a video codec, so using a poor image format like .jpeg is kinda a double whammy. You are loosing quality at two places.