Software instrument tuner - need your opinion

Hi all,
I’m writing new version of my software instrument tuner, and - ‘naturellement’ - I’ve been using Blender for UI creation. Need your constructive and straight critics.

Below you find three versions with different skins.
a) which skin do you prefer?
b) any other suggestions (element placement, colors…)

Note that the yellow panel is empty now, but it will contain changing text (information about frequency, octave etc.).



Version #1:

Version #2:

Version #3:

Is this a software program, like InTune, where you use a microphone connected to your PC and tune a guitar or violin?

Yep, that’s right. To be more accurate, it will be a VST plug-in, that you can use with any “VST host” (e.g. Cubase and Cakewalk Sonar).

a) I like version 3 the best
b) none that I can think of.

Looks good, don’t need to make it too busy or complicated.

…yeah, not the hottest topic in this forum, but I would really appreciate your feedback. I added a poll too!

Thanks in advance!

I like version 3 alot.

Maybe that colour and shading but without the nor/bumps, makes it too complicating for the type of program it is.
Make it smooth like a guitar.

Or you could make different Backgrounds for the program, and add in a hint of customization for the user.

customization is a great idea, everyone has there own tastes, variety is the spice of life.

i suggest use the third, the steel one, but make all of the buttons a little darker, and maybe the whole thing slightly bluer, i was torn between the blue and steel, but voted for steel in the end

to add my vote to the others, I like #3 the best - as a person who’s used Fruityloops and VSTi plugins, it’s easier to see and it makes the actual controls ‘pop’ more. That’s what I look for in any UI, and I think #3 does that well.


Thanks guys for your feedback so far!

I definitely check how to allow users to select the skin - that’s a great idea!