Software survey

Interesting results. Blender does not do to badly when compared to the low-mid range apps like truespace & carrara. Though animation master beats it…why?

There is some sweet stuff that was made in Animation Master back in the day. AM use to have a very strong community just like blender, and a lot of cool stuff was made in AM. But the major players who used AM have since left it for other Apps.

Here is a link to a company that use to make their stuff in A:M, now they use lightwave. But they haven’t changed their site yet so most of the stuff on the site is made with AM.

And here is an artist who has some cool stuff that he made in AM. He also has some cool 2D stuff as well.

Compared to the other apps in this survey so far (9/12/02) Blender looks like it’s holding it’s own pretty well.

Not bad considering that for a while there it looked like it would go the way of the dodo!

So far It’s beat out about 80% of the others in the “most used” part.
But just what does that mean?

My question is why do most of the voters wish they could use Maya?
I know Maya’s reputation but what features does it have that Blender needs?

I expect its reputation…as you suggest.

there is a two page list of them. trust me. i would be using maya if i could afford it, though unfortunatly i cannot. thus, i am perfectly content with blender as is, and opensourcing it just tops it off.

Very easy, when you ask a forum full of groupies of X program to vote for this application in a poll or online survey is very easy to change the votes in minutes.

I dont like 3d ark too much anymore. I asked him to make a little noise when the foundation started collecting, he never responded

Asked again, but nothing