Software to schedulate a production animated short

hi guys
Do you know some free or commercial software to scheduate an animated 3d production?

I am unfamiliar with the word “scheduate”. What does that mean?

Yeah. Neither the word “schedulate” (post title) nor “scheduate” (post text) seem to exist. Do you mean some kind of project management software specialized in planning 3d animations?

Aaahhh folks, please… why are you so nasty on word-spelling… LoL.

Allora, Luca… si che’! :slight_smile:

There are different possibilties: A software which only keeps “dates” like a calendar. - A software that keeps (plus cal.) also tasks. - Or, as mentioned a software that keeps projects and their management.

So now you have to choose: search for “open source calendar”, or “open source task management software”, or “open source project management software”.

In any case you’ll find many, starrting with simple, one-computer solutions - up to cloud and network-solutions.

As far as I know, there is nothin’ out there in the net, which fullfills the specialities of “films”, the reason is quiet easy, “managing timelines, tasks or even projects” is always the same proceedure, regardless, wheather you build an oversea’s gasoline freighter or just a doll for a child. It’s always: “what” (to do), “when” (to start/finish) and “how” (people, locations, machines and also money).

Thunderbird is good. I also just use a spreadsheet in google docs if I need to share, or will use LibreOffice

I have not tried it and I don´t know if it requres a Blender Cloud subscription but there is an app by the Blender Foundation called “Attract”’: