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Solar Panel 156mm 12V 0.54W Polycrystalline Silicon DIY Cells Battery Charger


I got these and did not know they were unfinished. I searched trying to find how to prepare them but find nothing. They break if you stare at them too hard, haha. Maybe I do not know what to search. Do I just cover them in epoxy resin? I have some of that.

Hmm simple epoxy would lower the effiency factor on the surface… so i got curious and searched : solar panel glue… there are some for flexible solar panels to glue them on some fixed surface… or just use some of this smartphone surface hardener ?? (Maybe also glue them with your epoxy to some more non-flexible mount to prevent them from breaking?)

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If they are not durable definitely you will have to create DIY aluminum-glass enclosure. Imagine that when rain falls can create problems on the circuit and when hail falls things get more serious and might cause serious damage.

From the bottom you might have no problem, you can use even barbeque grills. But from the top is where everything is needed.

While on the other hand there can be other panels of industrial strength that though they are much more resistant to weather elements they are indeed too expensive.

From what I see nobody has tried this so far, so you are kinda have to invent the design yourself. Which has a bit of trial and error.

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Those are some good ideas but I have some other troubles now.

before I do anything it looks like the front needs soldering like on this finished panel in the pic.
I get no current from the back connections.
I may need to go to a proper forum. I posted here because I just like it here.


One :+1: for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: