Solar System Views

(shibbydude) #1

Here is a view of the solar system I did. All planets are accessable through an imagemap on my gallery at the blended web.

(rogerm3d) #2

Nice. uh seventh planet’s (saturn?) rings have beutiful artifacts on them. Is aliasing on?
overall pretty nice, but are the sizes and distances correct to scale? :o

(LohnS) #3

rogerm3d: its a representation of the planets, like you see in science labs, so it doesn’t matter what the distances are, just as long as the order is right =P.

Vrye nice, well done =D

(pofo) #4

Lovely :slight_smile:

Um… the rings of Uranus look almost stronger than those of Saturn.

  1. pofo

(S68) #5

Cool scene, so bad that all links in your home page are dead :frowning:

Relative sizes are important though, and they are not respected in the image.

Furthermore, Venus is textured with an image of its surface, while it is completely cladded in clouds, so a cloudy venus would be better…

Keep it up


(LohnS) #6

yeah i see your point. I am in agreence =)

(shibbydude) #7

Yeah, the scale is off a little but this was created as just an imagemap to link to closeups of each planet. I wish I could use HTML in my posts so I could show you.

Cool scene, so bad that all links in your home page are dead

By the way, they all point to the correct place, its just that my ISP’s hosting sucks. The server returns a 404 whenever two hits are simultanious. Solve this by trying twice. It should work fine most of the time :wink: . And the artifacts are indeed artifacts of Blender’s weak antialiasing. I have it on OSA on 16 and Mipmap on (which is default). I just need to find a creative technique to maybe lower the polycount of the rings and increase the size and brightness of Saturn’s rings. Whew! Thanks guys.

(BgDM) #8

And the artifacts are indeed artifacts of Blender’s weak antialiasing. I have it on OSA on 16 and Mipmap on (which is default)

You can render the image at 2-3 times the size you want and then scale it down in Photoshop or GIMP. This usually helps with the artifacts.

Nice planets. Looks very good.


(shibbydude) #9

I didn’t think of that but that is what I did in some of my other pictures. Thanks for reminding me!

(S68) #10

Ok, I needed IE to see the planets!


1 - Mercury Nor map looks inverted… I mean, I get the feeling that where it looks depressed it should look raised and vice versa (but maybe it’s me)

2 - Venus… those few clouds are too little!!! Should be almost completely white and gray :slight_smile:

3 - Earth’s really nice

4 - Moon has the same problem thamn mercury, but here I’m sure. Nor is a three state button, Off, Positive, Negative, if this is positicve try to re-render with negative.

5 - Mars has a very thin atmosphere and practically no clouds… there is a place in a cloud bottom right where I think I can see the mesh!

6 - Juppiter is cool, why don’t you add some moons?

7 - Saturn rings are too small and weak, they are a major characteristic of the planet, and almost as brillant as the planet itself…

8 - Uranus is pretty nice, but again I think you should work on rings, maybe an alpha blend spherical texture?

9 - Neptune is great

10 - Pluto … ehehehe … you are cheating. It does not exist a map of pluto with that detail, you are using a satellite of some other satellite?


(shibbydude) #11

I see what you mean, S68. My normals on the textures are wrong. I wasn’t thinking well. (The moon craters are bumped IN. Duh!!). I am doing some satillites of jupiter. These are harder because they need to be UV mapped owing to that they are not spherical and are irregular in shape. Pluto is just a map of Ganymede thanks to James Hastings-Trew. I photoshopped his maps to a limited extent but they were already VERY refined and I am almost sure that I could have just slapped them on without any preproccesing. And yeah, Venus is covered in clouds; I just thought that the texture was just too pretty to cover up. I’ll change that. Thanks for the lengthy reply!