soldier like caracter (low poly first)

just figured out how to make a mesh and texture it,
it has no materials but thought I should post it for comments.

is this your first model? if so then its really good :slight_smile:

no C&C though

Looks great i lke it alot every thing fits well together

Roach 8)

however these are screen shots (i cant get it to render, guess its time to R.T.F.M.) im really hoping he will animate well.

speaking of wich does anyone know a good animating tutorial?
(i cant seem to find one)

You ought to turn those tris into quads. Apart from that, really good.

render is f12 or the render button in the scene sub menu (f10)

i like it. reminds me of a character off tales of symphonia.

hhmmm, for some reason when I render it its not showing up? (i think its the material i may or may not have applied - still learning how to use blender :slight_smile: )

>> fuzzmaster: im a bit new to rendering. whats the difference between a tri and a quad (other that 3 or 4 vertex, does it apply to the renderer? the animation?)

if its not showing up do you have a good light source on the model?

here is the scene:

i have 2 lights on either side with a camera pointing at him.
I did some of the gingerbread man tutorial in the blender book, he was able to render. but this guy wont? I think its because of materials but I have been avoiding the material sections of the book cause Ive really liked making the mesh of this guy.

If you were to hypothetically apply subsurfing to the model, to make it smoother, tris would make it look strange in some areas, whereas it would look better with quads.

Edit; if the texture isn’t showing up, click texface in the materials tab

if your textures not showing up it could be cause you have it UV mapped but the texture isn’t actually applied. on your material setting press the TexFace button and then try rendering see if that fixes it, if so i can explain in further detail what you need to do tou use you uv mapped texture.