soldier model - update.

just finished a pose of a model im making, any crits and coments please :slight_smile: , preferably constructive ones.


1 word…wow. Looks cool and i’m sure it will look great when it’s textured. I’m still in the noobish phase so i’m pretty much crap at modeling anything :(. Excellent model though keep it up!

looks good. try fixing where the mesh intersects behind the right knee.

great progress so far, but it seems too smooth to me, in my opinion armor like that would be much more blocky.

Could i get the .blend file to this VERY cool model? i think this is very nice work and would like to texture it for a kind of practice.

:o :o :o :o :o :o
Great mode!

Cool model,

I’m not to sure about his head it doesnt match the rest of the body to me.
The leg joints armour could not happen, from what I see if he stood up tall. the 2 pointy leg armour would intersect each other.
Give him a more larger chest, from what I can see of it, it looks to simple and puny.

Got any poses of him?

So we can see more of this impressive model.

hey that looks cool. What do you plan to do with it?

The leg joints armour could not happen, from what I see if he stood up tall. the 2 pointy leg armour would intersect each other.

hehe nah it doesnt :smiley: , the bottom half sticks out a bit further than the thigh section, but i do agree with u on the head, i made the head first with no intetion of making a body, then just wanted to.
my plans for this are that there are going to be a whole lot more of these guys, a comander guy at the front leading a load of grunts into battle, gunna take a while (gunna take years to render) but im hoping itl com out nicely, im workin on the comander guy at the moment, pretty much the same model, just with more and differnt accesories.

heres the next guy thats gunna be amungst the battle whe its finished, nt really many changes, i was hoping for some sugestions on colure of the soldiers and wether it should be shiny, matt ect, just general texturing sugestions.
cheers all


Now that is a Warhammer 40000 Space Marine Sergeant in disguise if ever I saw one… a banner on his backpack, a chainsword and a pistol…
Anway, about the model, the chest seems to be having some problems, and the eyes seem wierd, but apart from that great work!

Very interesting model…keep workin on it :wink:

Is it just me or does the tip of the sword look like it is inside the flag? You might want to get it fixed

could u elaberate on the chest a bit more? what sort of problems? as thats nt the first coment about the chest, but im nt quite sure what to do about it (lol, and yes maybe there is a bit if inspiration form warhammer), and also, the sowrd is nt inside the flag, i assure u, im nt sure what umean by that.

To me it looks like the gaps between the individual armour plates are going out, rather than in. Of course, I am probably mistaken about that, or you may even want to do that, but at first glance the chest looked odd because of that.

His chest should be further out. And not so flat.
I wouldnt have a person that doesnt looks strong, be my sargent.

So the armour should be bulky and think to give us the impresion that there is one hell of a strong guy wearing it, and that he deserves to have that banner and carry it across the battlefield.
Becuase he’s a sargent his armour should be worn and scrathced with dents etc.
His arms should be thicker and bulkyer.
The banner should have holes through it.
Make the chainsaw sword longer.

Take a close look at a warhammer space marines, it should help you get the character looking right, for a proper battle scene.

ahh, i get it now, i prolly will touch up the chest a bit, but im nt looking to much for like an imitation of warhammer, i was just taking some ideas and a bit of style from it.
detail isnt the highest priority anymore either because i dont have the best com[uter in the world and im gunna need a fair few people on the battle feild when its done, but i like the idea of having some dings and dents in the armor and stuff, that will defintly help.

right, hers 2 pics, one is of the commander witha bit of texturing done, and the other is a grunt with a mini gun (as if u coudnt see) theres a range of other men and in differnt positions with with differnt weapons and im starting to put them together in scene, but these ware my favorite 2 so far.


and the commander.


I love the soldier he looks so coooooool :smiley:

The commander :-? his chest plates are still flat make them bulkier. To show that the guy is a muscle pounding maniake that his the right to control his squad. I also thinks hes way to shiny. Imagine that on the battle field.

Shiny commander, enemy would pop his head of with in the second he appeard over the hill.

Other than that awsome the soldier looks so cool!!

I wished I had the ability to model that, well back to the tutorials.