solid glass with transparent texture inside - really not possible?


I’ve started recently to play with Blender to model acrylic forms we produce.
Everything is going fine but one simple thing.

In real, we encapsulate objects in acrylic SOLID glass.
The simplest thing we can encapsulate is flat graphics, let it be a logo and some text.
Graphics is encapsulated in the middle of the glass.

In Blender:
I’m placing a plane inside of a solid glass object. Blender is trying to bounce the light correctly through both objects but having trouble.
I can see transparent graphics, what is good, but also I can see the shape of the plane (somehow reflected inside glass) what is for me a side effect.
I spent hours if not days looking for solution but in vain.

Anyone can help me ?
Please find attached link for my blend file.

thanks a lot

make your mat volume

and add 2 textures one being added and the other one being subtracted

that should give you an inside strange 3D texture

and go to WIP forum
find volume by NRK we did some examples of this a month or ago

happy 2.5

right… I added and substracted the same texture.
still I can see reflected border of texture area.

Can you please make simple glass cube or any glass shape with any transparent texture inside?
Probably I make it wrong.

thank you

sorry later this afternonn may be if i can find time and find this example i did last month

but meanwhile look in thread for volume from NRK inn WIP fourm

there are blend files available for doing this effect

let us knwo if you find it


I must admit volume thread is quite long and a bit complex :slight_smile:
anyway I’ve started to read it.

when you have time that would be really helpfull if you could create glass and transparent texture object to show me the solution.
many thanks

how about this one

ok go at the end of the volume thread
cannot add pic or files here

but you still have to play with the aprameters to get the llok you want i guess!


There are two reasons why you are having this problem:

  1. Because you are using planes blender can’t calculate the refraction properly. Use thin boxes instead of planes so that you have real geometry.
  2. Change the plane’s material so that it uses raytracing instead of z transparency and set the IOR to 1.0.

I tried this on the file that you posted and it worked.

hey , i made a detailed tutorial about glass today …


I’m Uploading the Tutorial …
i hope this helps .

does it contains 3D texture inside volume or just surface texture ?

by the way the sampe file i did is with 2.5 not 2.49

cause 2.49 does not have any volume texture !
so just get the latest built at


Can you please send me your file that works?

as someone asked for the tutorial link in PM :
here it is

another result , hehe

nice tut. Does anyone have any tips for how to speed up renders? I am rendering inside a sphere for background and reflection, I wonder if that makes any difference. Render speed slows down a lot as the camera gets close to the glass.

blender in that area is not that fast.

you might be able to optimize the rendering with
selecting a good threadding and tile size/number amount.
Tomaszglass, the things JDep said worked. If you still need the blend file, here it is:

To download, go down to bottom of page, then look for the tiny text that says " Save file to your PC: click here." Ignore all the other things that say download.

how long does it take to render one picture ?


About 4 minutes on my 1.8 Ghz 482MB ram machine.

thank you! that works now

i’m having a problem like this but need a gradient for an inside transp black or grey map

but find very difficult to do in blender

any idea how to do that ?

like the black inside a valve or electronic tube and this may happen also inside modern filament or HID lamp also!

here is thread with pictures for this effect

any help appreciated


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