Solid Hair Mesh

Yesterday, I was lurking within the archives of the forums searching for answers to my problem for polygon hair when I came across a thread made by MCHammond called Blender Girl.

Here’s the link to the thread:

You see the hair on top of the head? I’m pretty sure someone knows how to make that solid hair mesh. That’s what I want to make! So would anyone like to spill the beans?

That solid hair looks like a Particle Hair. To do hair check Blender Guru’s tutorials, he’s great on that.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s the yellow solid mesh. That’s that I want to acheive.
Also, Blender Guru only deals with creation on a enviromental scale. Even he doesn’t have a clue on pulling off some thing like that.

The yellow one is most likely low-poly to high-poly modeling, I don’t think it is sculpting. If you already have the head, then you can easily extract a scalp and from the scalp start your way into that solid hair and then apply a texture.

Well, the hair I was aiming for is more compilcated than that. I’m trying to achive an anime style hair mesh with more bangs in the front. I really don’t know where to start. Should I try making a hair first or try to create the framework of the hair? These are the answers that plague me.

To make a hair like that I would go for a sketch first, a draw. And then do it again, with very few polys, very rough, in Blender. Soon as I had a nice structure, I would move on to the high-poly, referencing the low-poly.

The sketch? Are you refering to the frame work of the mesh?

I was actually refering to two sketches, one in paper, drawn, to realize better where to put polys. And then the final one, which is the frame work of the mesh, to have an idea of how it looks and be able to move on into bigger detail.

Have a look at these references, they might be of help:

Tried Using the pictures from the links and I still have no idea what I’m doing 3 hours into it.

It does take a long time to do that type of hair, it is very specific and stylized. You have to be patient.

Well at this rate, I’ll never get and I’m already behind schedule. Joy…

Here is a video tutorial from Lee Salvemini on making hair from mesh planes. Hope it helps.

As many times I searched for tutorials for hair, for some reason it always led me to that video. And as I was watching that video, I asked myself how many people would have recomend this piece of media for their project. As I continue to search for more sources, a componet appeared, bezier curves. So, as I looked at the article, the hamster at the wheel jumped out and slapped me inside my head giving me a crazy idea.
What if I took the concept of creating the plane and shaped it using bezier curves? Be honest with me. How much success do I have by approching the problem using that method?

I think that is also time consuming. There is no easy way of doing hair, it always takes time. Believe me, I do it. There are basically three ways to do it, particles, curves, meshes or a combination of these and textures.

After 24 hors of trying to creating Polygon Hair, I failed! Here are the pictures to prove it.

As you can see, each and everyone of those pictures are horrible because I’m not getting the results I need. I tried to replicate the Blender Girl design in the first one…Failure.
Then I tried to use the link from Vimeo. Again, I failed! I need another tutorial or else i will forever behind schedule on my project.:frowning:


i did a couple tuts over creating mesh hair, maybe they can help you out some:


good luck :slight_smile:

I think you are doing great, you should be happy with the results you’re getting. It takes time, yes I know, but that’s hair. I like the three pictures, keep on it. Maybe try to do it faster, I know it’s hard, but try.

I have to disagree. IMO, all it needs is a little more details and more volume. So subdivide the mesh, move vertices and give it some nicer shapes.

Another 24 hours has gone by and I have gone as far as I can about the extent of the hair.
If this isn’t good enough, as my 12 grade English Teacher once said, 2 tear drops in the bucket, (explictive) it!