Solidify a box sleeve issue

Hi, im trying to make a box with a little opening so it can open the box has no caps on the end, it’s kind of a sleeve. However when I want to apply the solidify. it isn’t working as I would expect. The opening and the sides are not getting any thickness.

The box was made from a plane, I made the hole, extruded the cap and rotate it, then I extruded the sides and filled in the bottom.

I’m sure I am doing something wrong.

Hmmm…not sure.

I just used a box, scaled to what I wanted, removed the sides, then in object mode, hit ctrl-a to clear transforms. Then I created the area for the cut out and split the selection. Rotated it and then merged it back. Cleaned up mesh to join the two again. Added some edge loops for the little tab, then added a solidify modifier and clicked on even thickness and high quality normals. See file attached. Good luck.

box_thickness.blend (689.5 KB)

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Wow! Thanks a Lot! It was my other option to start with a cube however I struggle a lot for joining meshes so I thought that starting with a plain should make my life a bit easier… go figure. The result you got is exactly how it was supposed to work. I’ll try to make it this way.

Thanks again!


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No problem at all. Glad i could help.

Worked like a charm!

Could it be that in my first attempt I didn’t apply the transformation to the plane? I’m not used to “apply” the transformations.

BTW Sorry for the noob questions. :grimacing:

And thanks again!

No need to be sorry. We’ve all been there…just pass it on when you can.

I try to make it a habit of clearing the transforms that I have done to help some of the next steps to be accurately applied.

See if clearing the transforms on that plane prior to adding the solidify modifier will work. Good luck.

Take care


Always apply rotation and scale (Ctrl-A) before using modifiers.