solidify modifier problem

Has anyone had any problems with the skin from the inside of a character made with makehuman showing through to the outside?That is what happens when i use the solidify modifier on it.I believe the solidify modifier should have a option to prevent faces from the inside of a mesh from overlapping to the outside.

It is called clamp.

How would I do it?

It’s a slider setting in the solidify modifier panel. It limits the thickness to as much of what you ask for that does notchange the relative scale of the geometry so you might set your thickness very high but the clamp if also set high will bring it way down, depending on how in and out your mesh is.

Easier for you to try out these settings on a test mesh than for me to try to explain each one to you (please don’t yell at me for saying this, someone just did!), so make a torus, for example, and give it the solidify mod and then change settings thickness, offset, clamp to see what happens. Use wireframe view or slice it in half so you can see the inside …