Solidify twists mesh near origin point

I am trying solidify this object and it twists it near the origin point. I move the origin point and then it twists it near the new origin point. Not sure what to do. Twstsbyorigin
This was created by fist using curves then I made it into a mesh and then removed points by distance. Now it wont solidify right. I want to add thickness it appears its trying to solidify in the wrong direction.

Here it shows how it solidified when the origin was at the other place
So I used to recalculate normals remove doubles, make manifold. Now I do not get it. I select all non manifold and it selects all the vertices. I thought it was MAKE MANIFOLD but now I do not get what I am doing. I did apply the transforms. I think this happened when I cut and pasted it between sessions and rotated it. but still woudl like to understand how to detect what is happening. I guess their is a addon that helps with this. a 3d print addon I think.

So here when I "Make manifold with the 3d print toolbox it makes it all disappear.

So now when I solidify it does this

it moves to the origin point.

Mesh without faces may not have a clearly defined direction for vertex normals, which is what Solidify uses to offset the new geometry. It used to be that the modifier even warned about this:


but I guess the warning got lost with the recent update to the modifier.

All edges not connected to any faces are non-manifold, that’s why they’re included in the selection (you can toggle the Wire option of that operator, but then it obviously simply won’t select anything).

Stan thank you !

so now when I solidify I get this weird little thing going on.

and when I show normals I see this little guy that is cyan. My curiosity is peaked.

So I dissolved this vertex I guess that fixes it.

Why would this one cyan normal be out in the middle like this?