Solitude Island

Hey guys just thought I’d ad some old work to see what you think as well as to listen to all the advice and critique you guys have :smiley: I left it untextured because I thought it looked more peaceful :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow the mood in this render is amazing… And please try to texture it, the no texture thing is a really cool effect, just curious to see what it would look like with textures.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: Ill give it a try after my exams are finished, thinking i should add some mist to it :confused:

Mist would be cool, but don’t hide the horizon, it’s really cool i think. If you use the map value node in the compositor you can check “use maximum”. Did you use displacement or ocean modifier for the sea? I always find it hard to make good oceans…:mad:

For the sea just subdivided and added a noise texture with distortion i think its called :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for that mist tip im not that great at composting yet :stuck_out_tongue: