"Solo-ing" an object from the Outliner, in the Photoshop fashion

Fair enough, “local” is not very explicit. To be entirely honest, it’s not even very consistent with itself : “local” in Blender can designate local orientation (object space), local data (data contained within the blend file) and finally local view, which could be better named isolate view.

Or, simply “Solo”

I think that has more connection with the DAWs, whereas isolate view is Maya and Max lingo. But it’s still more explicit than local view anyway.

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I don’t know, it seems consistent to me. If you use a view local to an object then you view only the object and not the whole world like in global view. This is similar to using an objects local orientation.

It isn’t very intuitive for people new to 3D because they are usually not familiar with the concept of local space. Therefore isolate or solo might be better suited, but I don’t think it is inconsistent.

In the end I think there are a gazillion more important things than a possibly silly name, though. I mean, anyone who has read the manual should at least know that something like local view exists and will be able to look it up when needed.

That’s the thing, I think it’s rather misleading because it has actually nothing to do with local space, which is an object’s space, ie a transform matrix. Entering local space does not change the active orientation, it just hides what’s not selected.
Of course there is the connection with local being related to individual objects, but it seems rather feeble to me.

And yes, I agree. RTFM as they say -where F stands for fantastic


:+1: Exactly my point: while on its own it’s rather amazingly weak, in the context of 3d modeling it’s confusing, what with “local origin”, “local axis”, etc. --Also, points for “feeble”.

The devs should take a good long look at Photoshop’s Layer Palette and C4D’s Object mgr. It’s quite baffling as to why they’d have ALT+EYEBALL for Collections and not have something analogous for Objects. (That isn’t unDiscoverable, as Local View is.)

Visibility/ choices by mouse interaction should include:
Solo Collections: DONE!
Solo Objects within a Collection: NOT DONE
Solo ALL Objects globally: NOT DONE

There’s still time before 3.0 is released. :wink:

If Blender fanbois are going to maintain, against all evidence, that Blender is “easy to use” :roll_eyes: , such things need to be addressed and corrected. Otherwise learning Blender is just a hazing process.

May I remind you…IT’S FREE !!!

Find something else if you don’t like it.

Where is all this evidence?

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Thousands of people noping out once they give it a go.

I don’t know why Blender fanbois act like the code came off a mountain direct from god: it’s software, and the soft bit means it’s EASILY malleable. It’s not a lathe, making it better is trivial.

Then… you do it.

It’s open source.

Change the code yourself.


Seems like we have differing conceptions of what evidence is but then “thousands” out of millions isn’t that many anyways.
I’d estimate that more like hundreds of thousands or even millions nope out.

But yeah, if you want to help to improve silly names, please go for it. :smiley:

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My career was as a software guy.

I always told younger programmers…

if you don’t love it, DON’T DO IT !


SO THAT I DON’T HAVE TO FIX YOUR HORRIBLE CODE 6 months from now after they fire you !