Solo Sci-fi Animated Short: Project Pangaea

I hope you guys will like it! It was a long journey, and I`m really grateful for the amazing BLENDER and its community.
The full workflow is detailed in the description of the video.
Feel free to ask me any questions.
Have a great day!


The short looks great in general, but your architectural designs are just amazing! Could I convince you to do a flipbook (on Pinterest, DeviantArt, ArtStation etc.) of buildings, both those included and some you thought of but did not include?! I would love to see that!


Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback! It means a lot to me. Although I Combined, Textured, Remodeled etc the Buildings, as I wrote in the credits, for some of the buildings I used Kitbash. Check this one: If you still would like to see my interpretations of it, as shown in my movie, let me know.


Hi Kirill,

OMG! This looks amazing. You’ve got me hooked. Can’t wait to see more. Had to show my family too. Very very nicely done.

Cheers and stay safe!

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Thank you so much! You have no idea what it means to me! Already working on the next part. Hope you will like it too.

Impressive! Inspirational as well. I shows what one person with talent, imagination, and persistence can do. I’ll be happy to see more episodes.

The scale of the city is awesome and the film shows it. Great use of kitbashing. You created a good style or look. The natural setting is beautiful. Good teaser trailer. Defines the genre, hints of the story, leaves mysteries.

Did you use flocking with boids for the police chase? What font is that in the credits?

Something to think about for sci fi super tall buildings. Maybe unneeded clutter best ignored for most stories. The environment at high altitude is cold, low pressure, low oxygen, sometimes strong wind.


Wow! Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas! And it means so much to me and gives me the motivation to continue!
For your questions:
a. I played a little bit with boids, but I couldn’t control it in the way I wanted for this video. I ended using regular particles with curve as a force field in some scenes and animating along a curve in others.
b. The font is Pirulen
Have a great day!

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Awesome video! I too, thought it was boids. Nice animation with those droids.

Wonderful cinematography. I look forward to more.

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Thank you so much for your support! I am really glad you liked it. I already began working on the next part, I think I will play a little bit with the green screen in this one. Have a great day!

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Impressive. Well done!

The hard work shows.

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You clearly added to the designs, so yes, I’d still love to see your architectural stuff!

That’s impressive. I had this bookmarked for later so I could watch it when I had the time. Great ideas for flying through an impressive city and good music choice. That will stick in my head of the debris and man floating in air, Claire de Lune accompanying… What a great rushing camera effect to the music right before he opens his wings. What a lot of good ideas… the disabler ball… and then the sweeping cityscape at the final climax.

I like the cut from a zoom in on the walking robot’s firing laser (0:39), but I may suggest having all three robots with glowing weapons. And I expected more of a charge up (with the light intensity increasing and then possibly a fade to white instead of a cut to black). I also had a little bit of disconnect because the main man falls back first (0:52) and then (after a period of time) he activates the backpack thing as he is perfectly posed to take off (1:19). I know you have to maintain a music sync but would have loved some frames of him as he is flailing or twisting around.

Really nice image as he releases the ball from his back (1:49). Then you show one ship with its fried electronics or whatever. Since he was pursued by a whole fleet it also make me feel that the ship is isolated since you show it falling from a far away angle with no other ships in the frame (1:54). Maybe if you had just focused on the crackling electronics (1:53) in a more close up shot and only showed it starting its descent that would make it more believable that it was still part of the pack.

It took me a second to figure out what was happening as all those ships (from far away) dropped (2:00). I think if the man object’s movement path was different it would differentiate him more from afar. Maybe he could be moving straighter and or faster. Possibly the ships could be a bit larger. I don’t know if it is physically accurate but I think it might look better if the deactivate ships had less horizontal movement and just dropped vertically more.

Forgot to say how cool the font is.

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Thank you so much! It was indeed a long journey, next time I will be much more efficient :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Wow! Thank you so much for the analysis, the ideas and the constructive critic!
I must say that I agree with you almost 100%, many of your points were considered and (some) were even made but unfortunately didn’t get to the final cut. In this project I learned the painful truth of…cutting footage in the editing phase :slight_smile: There is like 1 min more of footage and alternative scenes the didn’t make it.

  1. I agree about the shooting phase (0:39) could have more impact! (3 robots charging were actually done and dropped), but I think you are right about the charge up. it would look better your way.
  2. 1:19 - Yeah, I couldn’t make it with the music. tried to make the most of it without the turning scene. In retrospect what I should have done: Beginning of the shot when he falling, going into zoom on the backpack while its deploying wings while he is twisting, and finishing when the backpack is open and he is in a good position.
  3. You are right. There are actually 2 alternative scenes I made - in one you can see some ships in the background when the ball was deployed. In the second one, you can see more ships when the first explosion happening. I think i just didn’t make them good enough so I preferred the one that made it to the film. I like your idea for the closeup, I think it would work better than what i did.
  4. I made like 10 Different variants :slight_smile: I still not so happy with the final result, but I had to move on. I had a really good one with him going in a straighter line, but because i wanted to be more like a dance between them, i decided to go with the wider turn. this is one of the shots I wasn’t so happy with, and believe it could be much better.

Once again, thank you so much. You have no idea what it means to me that someone analyzing and appreciate this project. It depleted all my physical and mental resources to finish it.

I also like the aspect ratio used. Wider than 16:9. What is the ratio? Did you put the letterbox bars in the video?

Thank you! I used 2538X1080 (It was what worked for me:), Decided not to limit my self )

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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This is super impressive, kudos! Apart from a little tighter pace to the edit, the one thing that was really missing was motion blur. If you had that in, everything would have looked a lot better in motion. As it is, it looks stunning at first and then unfortunately feels “off” as soon as things start moving. Nonetheless, great work!

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