Solos Wars BETA Game Trailer

Greetings all

Solos Wars is a Top down shooter bringing back the old school arcade gameplay using a retro approach, it features countless levels with never ending battles. Enemies spawn and chase the player down, every level spawn rates increase as well as difficulty.

If a player is hit by an enemy they will immediately die, as well as touching the outer circle will cause the player to lose their life. 4 player Multiplayer will be included in the full version of Solos Wars.

I’m proud to present a beta trailer of a game that I’ve started quite a while back, so far my gameplay is almost 100% done as well as my menu systems.

I’ve been working on it for a while and thought I’d post it here as well seeing as I am using blender’s game engine. This is still BETA, so there is still a lot of work I need to do.

Hope you guys like it. :wink:

The current engine I’m using is Blender 2.49b’s Game engine.


Rechyyy Metrickz _ Richter So Fame So Fame (Rock version)



That look fun! God Luck.

ahha, this looks cool, I really want to try it out. you had tried to use bloom, but there are some geat filters that would be awesome on your game!!! you can embed videos from youtube to this forum just select video when you had posted something on the youtube and link to the forum( maybe you allready know that, sorry if you do). I just didnt like the music, I thumbed your game up allready there!!!

man i lick the game it look fun and addicting nice job.
keep up the good work.

Hehe thanks guys, wasn’t aware of the video embed, thanks again for the help Leonn. :smiley:

That isn’t in-game music, or music for the game at all, mostly what I have is just sound effects, had to put in something to make it sound a bit more energetic and active. Haha. I’m looking into some cool filters, cause I also had the same hunch as you to add filters to the game as the feel and nature of the game would look even more crazy with it, haha :smiley:

I’ve been hard at work getting this thing to where it is haha, I’l be posting a demo soon of the game, as there is still a few performance, visual and some physics issues. When I have all that sorted I’ll post a demo for you guys to play, I’m currently working on adding powerups and more to the game, before moving to some hopefully, successful multi-player capeablilties

I love what you’ve got here! An idea I think might be cool is if the outer ring vibrates with the song, if you keep using super fast songs too you wont need to actually line it up or anything haha! Just a thought, but still great lookin game!

Hey thanks, well since this video I’ve added quite a bit to the game, especially visual wise, thank you for the great idea, I’ll see if I can add something like that, to me the original (video) one, was quite boring haha, though I’m picking up quite a performance hit when too many enemies die at the same time and the particles for the explosions are added, so when I can get past that little problem I want to add a bit more life to the game.

It is coming on, quite slow, but I’m getting there

Thank you for the feedback.