SOLVED: 3.0 background image

I used to use the background image found in the N panel, but it is gone. I can “add” an image / background, but it doesn’t act the same. It doesn’t move with the camera as it used to. It just acts like an object stuck in space. Is that feature gone or is it just hidden somewhere?

Thanks for any clues.

I’m not sure which “image / background” tool you’re referring to, but here’s a good guide to several alternatives for the deprecated, “Background Images,” tool.

RPaladin, thanks very much. That link had the answer. The ‘background image’ feature I was hunting for is now a feature of the camera itself, so its in camera properties. Thanks again.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help. I see that you marked the thread as solved. If you feel that my post was helpful please consider marking it as the thread solution. Either way is fine.