[SOLVED] Animate texture and object ?


I didn’t think I’d have to post on the forum to make such a simple thing but hey, that’s what we noobs do: we ask noobs questions! :cool:

So here I go without shame (nearly…): I have sseveral light strips/segments. Each light strip is fading in and out independantly.

I tried to keyframe the emittance texture to have it fading in and then out. But of course when I apply this textures to my objects, they all fade in and out at the same time when I’d like them to fade in and out independantly… So how do I contro the texture to have it fade in/out when I decide? I suspect some constraint must be applied but I don’t know which or what (or who :rolleyes:)…

Thanks for your attention!

And also: don’t thank me for the great help from the screenshot above…

you need to make copies of the material so they can be keyed separately


Thanks for your reply!

There’s no other solution than this? I thought some drivers or constraints would make it possible to keep it one single material (I have 25 srtips… It’s still doable but what if I had more?).

I can’t seem to attach this on the forum… Is making 25 different materials really the only way to achieve something like this:

Try posting on stackexchange and see if you get better response - I am limited in my understanding of this question, and cannot answer if there exists another solution.

Maybe something like this…?

I used curves with a bevel to create the strips, and animated the start and end resolution on the bevel factor.

I made one, duplicated it and then offset the keyframes on the dopesheet, is a lot of manual work too but it seems easier than duplicating the materials. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Here’s the blend file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7ECfNWJoP-Oc2Q2YXdmalVuMXM/view?usp=sharing

Thank you both a lot for your help!
Julperado, this is looking good! I will try our technique very soon and will let you know! Thank you so much!


Julperado, I wanted to thank you for your help: I eventually had a chance to apply your method to another project and it’s brilliant!

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Nice! Glad I could help man :slight_smile: