[Solved] Array rotation

Hi, I will make this quick. I used array mod to multiply my mesh to 12 and then an empty to rotate those copies around z axis. 360/12=30 degrees rotation. Just like a clock. So why I had to set the rotation to 32 in order for it to work? Am I missing something here?

Are you rotating the object or the empty? Rotating the empty works just fine for me.

Rotating the empty and it works. What you see in the image is what I desired, but why 32 degrees instead of 30 - this, I don’t get.

It should be 30. How does it look when you make 30? Send a comparison from top view. Also make sure empty and origin point are properly placed.

Ok, so It looks like this. To avoid any confusion I placed everything (well, except the mesh :sunglasses:) in the world origin - 3d cursor, empty and it’s origin point and origin point of the mesh.

In your object there might have left a small amount of rotation. Try to apply scale&rotation (Ctrl+A shortcut) of your object.

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Yeah, that was it! Thank you so much :money_with_wings:

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Yeah - That’s why I asked if the object was rotated. Glad you got it fixed.

You both were right, I just didn’t see the slight rotation until I looked at it from the top. Thank you too Safetyman :fist_right: :fist_left: