[SOLVED] Blender Cloud issues :)


So a dramatic title for a serious issue.

Idea is the following I payed for 3 months on 5th of July 45 euros. All fine for 2-3 weeks then I couldn’t access the videos/files anymore. Tried making a paypal dispute but no one bothered to answer to it.

Sent an email to try to get someone to fix the issue and I got a answer that I need to wait for sometime until they fix a bug related to people wanting to subscribe again. But that’s not my problem since I definitely don’t want to subscribe again given the situation. So off-topic response by the support team. Anyway I said let’s wait for 2-3 weeks and hopefully it will be fixed by then. Tried sending 2 other emails this week but again no response. I guess the terms customer support and user satisfaction are not in their dictionary.

And did it got fixed? NOPE. Even worse it shows that my subscription has ended. 5th July - 5th August - 5th September -4th October timeline is 3 months. So I payed for 3 and I got 2. That’s stealing/cheating as far as I am concerned.

Also the description for what you are paying for is weird and maybe even deceiving. So 3 month free trial but 45Euro upfront? That’s NOT FREE at all. Especially considering that during the campaign the 3 months were indeed pre-paid.

So this thread is to let everyone know what they can expect for signing up.

Maybe they will bother to respond or refund me. Maybe…


Pissed Blender Cloud User



Hi Vlad,

Your support mail from 18 August was replied the same day, and your last email is less than 24 hours old even, and about to be handled. Other mails from you have not arrived here.

There are 5 people trying to handle this very complicated cloud migration project - including replying hours of mails per day. You can also contact me any time about issues you don’t like and we’ll solve things in a pleasant way.

For others who wonder - the new store.blender.org software is being configured to handle the previous cloud subscriptions from the Gooseberry campaign period. A subscription is always minimally for 3 months, unfortunately the new software doesn’t understand it… and makes it a “trial period” instead. I am really not happy with that either, but in this I depend on other people who do their best to get things to work asap.

We also will refund anyone who’s not satisfied the money, on first request. I will email Vlad in person to handle this.


Not to sound like a fanboy or anything, but this is why I would gladly pay for the Blender Cloud. :stuck_out_tongue:

you say the BF is stealing from/cheating people with this Blender-Cloud thing… but hey, at least you can’t say the same for Blender itself. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t think of a single time I’d ever heard a Blender user complaint that they’re being cheated out of their money where the software is concerned :wink:

I didn’t subscribe, but sent a small donation to Gooseberry.

The communication from the team seemed to be excellent for me, considering they needed to refund anybody who wanted the money back.

I wish the Blender Cloud project continues happily towards a bright future :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying in this thread, Ton. Can’t get much better customer support than that, short of flying out to the customer’s house and cooking them breakfast.

Blender Cloud is new and it’s having some startup issues, which is not surprising. Let’s all try to cut them a little slack for a while, ok? As long as they make things right in the end. :slight_smile:

It’s a new major feature, bugs are bound to happen sooner or later…that’s something you should’ve been familiar with the moment you signed up. Having some patience never hurts. It could have been a mail delivery issue as well.

But saying it’s stealing/cheating is uncalled for. You’re using a state of the art 3d package for free…at least have the decency to use better words for those who made it.

In my case I wasn´t able to pay for last month due to this whole error situation there + not having access at all so it is a loss of a whole montly payment for them.

the support has written me several times after asking them via email and if it doesn´t work, I will patently have to wait while they sadly don´t get money from me.

Overall a dumb situation since I want to support the project while having access to the files in the cloud.


and yeah cant complain about blender since it’s free :slight_smile:


A really dumb situation indeed - but I also now understand better why big IT projects in governments always go wrong :slight_smile:
Setting up a new service is a walk in the park compared to moving over an old service into a new system…

I had patience, lots of it. But I can’t have patience forever. It was not like the first thing I did when encountered the issue is go here to blenderartist and make a flame thread with harsh words :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure it might be a bug and gladly that was the case. But it could be the other case as well. If you payed money and you couldn’t access what you payed for how would you feel?

Ton quickly replied which I admit I was surprised by it but problem solved which I am glad.