SOLVED: blender crashed with my file

hi all!
can anyone help me with my file?
Blender crashed, and it took the file with it :(. Now i can’t open it anymore…

what do you think went wrong? this is my first time to encounter this… I’m running Blender 2.48 under ubuntu 8.04.

here is the file, if anyone is willing to recover it…


kitchen_yafray1.blend (742 KB)

any comments on my file?

Nope, wont open.
always back your work up :wink:

Try appending from it in a new blender session.


here’s another version of the file.
the object i couldn’t append into a new blend was something called p_level_group. that was the one that made it crash.
others should be there.



kitchen.blend (709 KB)

thanks very much jesterking and basse!!
appending from the file worked! :smiley: the p_level_group can’t also be appended on mine.
anyway, that’s much better than to redo everything!

thanks very much guys!!