(SOLVED by ME) How to make linked objects in runtime work! (At least for ME)


Hi guys, how are you??
I know there´s a lot of people like me, trying to make a runtime from Blender having trouble. There´s not much information about this, this issue is a pain in your “eyes” haha.
Everytime I made my runtime I had problems with my linked objects because they were gone.
I tryied packed, unpacked, relative, absolut in any possible combination without success…

What finally DID work (At least for me) is:

First of all, when you link an object form a external file, there´s a little button in the bottom of your browser window that is called “Relative path”, click it (In every file you link for the first time)
And then you are ready
(Using this, allows me not to use the “Make all paths relative in my ass” feature)
So, when you open your runtime, or file in another directory, you should see the objects.
To be sure that your file is reading the paths relatively, see the console window that opens in blender and see if your paths looks like this:

//menu (This is how a relative path should look like)

instead of this:

D:/Yourgame/Files/menu (This is how “evil” Absolut path works, with the entire path)

Before Linking all your libraries, you should use the "Make all paths relative"(External files feature) in each "MAIN FILE", otherwise, it will read them from the absolute path (Wich we don´t want)


Take care, I hope I helped someone, at least with some of the information posted…
Sorry about my english, I´m a Chilean MF heheheh: