SOLVED Can anyone be my Senior Project Mentor? For modeling and Animation?

Hey guys, first time here. Can anyone help be my mentor in my HS senior project. At least 21 according to my teacher and this will get me approval to pretty much start and work on my project. I havent had time to use Blender in the past with other classes hogging time and Ive been really interested with the idea of animation and 3D modeling since I did 2D animation in my Graphic Arts class. I would use mainly YouTube tuts but I might ask you a question here and there. Any advice from you would also be really helpful so yeah. We dont really have to meet up in person according to my teacher so if you dont live in California you can still be a big help! Thank You in advance!

I will give my email and a 1 page form that you can fill up to get my teacher to let me start if you PM me, Again thanks in advance!

So what is the project about?