[SOLVED]Change Vertex Color with Python Bug

I am making a color selector in my game like the one in the materials tab where you can select the color. Everything is working, except a bug in GLSL mode.

In the API, they explain how to change the color of an object Here. If I use that script, it works in every rendering mode except for Textured GLSL. In Texture Face, Multitexture, and GLSL in solid draw mode the color will change, but if I’m in GLSL with the draw type set to textured, the color will not change.

I’m apparently not the only one with this problem: Sixth post in this link

It has been submitted to the bug tracker Here

So my question is if there is a workaround for this beside using color IPO’s or sticking to MultiTexture mode? Possibly using a GLSL custom shader? I know nothing about that, so somebody would have to tell me if that’s an option.

I’ve attached a file demonstrating the problem.

Thank you!

Turns out that color changing changes the color directly, so if there is a material added, the color can’t be changed. Either don’t have a material, or on your material, select “VCol Paint” in the Material Buttons. Hope that helps somebody.


glsl_vertex_color.blend (136 KB)

Did you Check out http://www.sunjay-varma.com/color-sliders.php
That might just help you.
It worked f :smiley: r me