Solved Color match specific colors in compositor


For a project I would like to match sertain color pretty accurate. I could do it in photoshop but I hope there is a way to automate this in blender.
Photoshop tutorial:

In blender I have this

I use the index to mask the object that needs the color change and use a mix node set to color to change the color. But I’m stuck at how to change the brightness of the color to tweak the last part.
It is in cycles with filmic. This setup will be repeated to change it into 12 different colors.

Some help on this subject would be much appreciated.

Found a solution

First part makes the part you want to color match the same hue and saturation and set the mix node to color.
The the second part I used the value to change the brigthness. I first tried it with the brightness and contrast node but this didn’t work I found this out kinda by accident.

So I hope you can use it if you need to :wink:

Edit: The color management settings are also important… They contrast the image overall so when you check the color in a different programm it might still differ.