[solved] Different scenes in 2.53b?

I’m an architect rendering my houses in Blender. For this, I want to put my houses into different environments: (the same house) daytime, at sunset, at night, etc.

Is it easily possible to have all these environments in one file (say, to have more than one scene in Outliner, and I switch from one to another), or I’ll have to set up different files for each scene (that I want to avoid)?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, it’s easy. Look at the top of the Blender window and you’ll see a dropbox with the value, “Scene”. Just click on the plus sign next to it and you’ll have the option of making a full copy of your present scene. Then just change the elements that you’d like to change in your new scene. You can then switch between the different scenes with the same dropdown box.

For a little more fun, you can use the compositor and mix the scenes together.

Here’s a link to the manual, although the server seems to be having troubles now:


Literally awesome, thaks for the help!