[Solved] [DynTopo] Sculpting Holes

Hey folks.

I’m fairly new to DynTopo, but knowing a bit about DynaMesh in ZBrush I asked myself, if there is any chance sculpting holes using Dynamic Topology?


No, but you can always use booleans to punch a hole.

Great. Sometimes you won’t see the wood for the trees. Should work, since DynTopo should be able to clean the topology after that. Thanks a lot.

Looptools: Bridge is another option.

Awesome Links. Thanks a lot.

The “sculpt UI” addon (discussed in mentioned theads) makes booleans-in-sculpting-workflow about 500% more efficient.

From a quicktest it seems to work with 2.66. Use in Object Mode… just select different objects and push the boolean-buttons in the T-menu.