[SOLVED] Freelance - Texturing and baking for virtual museum

(lesolorzanov) #1

Hello dear Blender artists,

I am not an artist, I am a researcher/engineer/computerScientist/bioinformatician/CGTheorist. AND I LOVE BLENDER. I have tried to learn through the years but I have a lot to learn still.

I modeled a museum, it has nice artwork and frames, and the idea is that it will be interactive at some point. I need to bake the textures so that I can upload the model along with them and not make any light or texture calculations so that it will be fast. I will use Blend4web (any other suggestions are welcome)

This museum is an homage to my future husband and I want to put all the pictures of our trips together and have our friends and family visit this museum.

It is the first time I have worked on a big project in Blender and I have no idea how much should it cost, but I would love to discuss it with anyone interested. This person can tell me if I made catastrophic architecture errors, or if I can simplify my models, but I am mostly concerned about the texturing and baking (I can simplify models after baking).

It would be good that this nice person would teach me a bit, also, I can do the final baking I mostly need all the parameters set (this is the really hard part I know). I don’t need this person to bake the materials if that is going to cost much.

I have tried a lot of tutorials and I have tried by myself a lot and I have way too many fireflies even if I have a huge number of samples in any image size. I am tired of trying this on my own.

If you want to know more about the project let me know.

An overview and the detail of a frame

(TheMightyFozz) #2

I’ve been working on this. P.M. me if your still looking for someone. Oh and I created SPEC, DISP, NORM maps for a photo of friends painting last week!

Oh and I have a Degree in interior and Spacial Design.

(Renham) #3

I would love to work for your proyect, give a look at my portfolio and pm me or contact me back to my email: "[email protected]" I hope to hear from you.

(jrossjr79) #4

Hi, I am an environmental/prop artist. I would love to talk with you about your project and its needs. You can see my portfolio here:

I look forward to hearing from you.

(secundar) #5

Hi, Did you find someone to help you out with this? I sent you a PM with some thoughts and was curious how you proceeded.