[SOLVED] Get object speed in Game Engine

how do I get an objects speed in the bge?

Its actual speed, not linear velocity. I want to create fall damage like in most games (minecraft for example)

linear velocity is just a big fancy word for speed. its in meters/frame i think (or is it m/s? idk).

def printVelocity(controller):
    object = controller.owner
    velocityVector = object.getLinearVelocity()
    velocityNumber = velocityVector.magnitude
    print('object: %s | velocity: %.3d bu/s | vector: %s'
        % (object.name, velocityNumber, velocityVector))

The linearVelocity is in Blender Unit per Second.

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I worked it out already. Even learned how to get the Z speed of an object all by playing around with Python itself!