SOLVED - Grease Pencil Animation

I LOVE the grease pencil animation side of Blender right now. Lacking the skills to do so myself (I have spent hours and hours…just cant figure it out) if anyone would be so kind as to make something along the lines of the image below I would be so grateful. The empty space in the pie menu that exists on hotkey D+W is perfect for adding these in.

For anyone whom has ever tried Plastic Animation Paper, one of its great features was the pie menu customization. Drag and drop the feature you want in the pie and both stylus buttons had their own menus.

Here is the mockup
mockup.jpe (45.3 KB)

If we can squeeze the entire playback menu from the timeline in there that would be awesome, but even the Play button alone is sweet.

Not sure that anyone will actually make this or something similar but it cant hurt to beg and plead. :smiley:

Im figuring this out slowly. Right now I have this working.
mockup2.jpe (22 KB)

In the “Current Frame” section at the bottom there is a number 2 leading the actual keyframes. Not sure why that is there. Anyone know?

animation_addon.jpe (24.3 KB)

I DID IT! My first addon. Default hotkey for it are D+E. The only thing I cant figure out is how to remove the pie menu numbers on the corner parts.
And I’ve made my first github upload. :smiley: - Hope this helps someone like me who want these features.