[SOLVED] Have parameters for procedural textures changed...


I’m a newbie to blender and right now trying to get used to materials, especially procedural textures.

Now, I have downloaded some sample textures from hereand rendered the scene.

Now, instead of this:

I get this with Blender 2.40:


Am I doing something terribly wrong? Or has the way parameters are evaluated changed in recent blender versions?

Bump mapping changed a litlle since version 2.36. Set the Normal value for the texture a bit lower for the same result.


Ah. Thank you!

Is there documentation on how much you have to modify the normal factor? A quick test with division by 10 or 5 (5 -> 0.5, 0.5 -> 0.1) was satisfactory, but is there a “right” way to correct old textures?

I don’t believe your interpretation is correct. There are four textures in the slots, the demo pic was rendered without the second texture, and obviously the lighting was changed a bit.