//SOLVED//Help me! This is driving me insane! It really is!//SOLVED//

This is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me.

Out of the blue, with no programs running, my computer (running os X) started playing this guitar solo i’ve never heard, and it keeps looping! The only way to stop it is to log off, and upon logon it starts again!

What is this??

VIRUS ALERT… Forward this message unto everybodyyyy… VIRUS ALERT! Look out! It’ll melt your face right off your skull! It’ll Make your TV record Gigli!

But I don’t know why it is doing that… odd… OSX IPOD! yay =]

Ha, it does sound like some kind of very strange virus…

But only somebody like me would create a virus like that… and I didn’t do it… so therefore it’s not a virus:p

I wonder if it could be associated with their Lets Rock event. Maybe it is some sort of advertising. Do you need a new iPod?

Is there a way to check running processes in OS X? It might be a start. I really am shooting in the dark here. Hopefully it is a good guitar solo…

@What Name?: lol. I thought of the same song when I read his post.

  1. Try repairing permissions.

  2. Have you installed any software recently and then uninstalled it? If so try searching for its remnants and removing them.

  3. Make sure none of your widgets are corrupt.

  4. Look at your process manager and try to figure out which process is playing the music and kill it. From there go find the root of the problem.

  5. Take it to a Genius Bar.

  6. Turn off your speakers.

lol. I thought of the same song when I read his post.

Lol obviously. Look at you avatar…

…/Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app

Run that and check for any strange looking programs/viruses.

Check your login items from System Preferences->Accounts. Click Login Items and see if there is anything strange in the list. If so, delete or deactivate it. My guess is someone is trying to mess with your head.

You can prevent all these login items starting up by holding down the Shift key after you click Log in.

Ah, after all this, it was a dashboard widget that I was unaware had sound:o.