[SOLVED] How do I copy an anim over to the same rig?

Just for the record, I’m newbish…running Blender v2.68

The situation:
I have 2 almost identical rigs. The only condition rendering them not identical is the fact their respective vertex weighting is different.
‘Rig 1’ (the one with poor vertex weighting) has a ‘complete’ run anim.
‘Rig 2’ (with satisfactorily-weighted vertices) has no run anim.

How might I copy the poorly-weighted rig’s run anim (keyframe by keyframe is no prob) over to the satisfactorily-weighted rig?

(Note: Both rigs are using a rigify rig, and I added one extra bone to it.)

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

After coming across a forum, of which I forget the name, where someone had a problem similar to mine, a kind Mr. Richard Marklew suggested using the append function to solve the issue. I needed a little more info so with a couple googles I found this youtube tutorial made by ianscott888 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb152Qncn2s (at 5m30s in he describes how to bring in animations from other rigs.)

This issue is solved. Sorry for cluttering up the forum thread list and to have wasted anyone’s time.

Tip to prevent this problem from happening in the first place:
<In the action editor> If the anim’s worth keeping, make sure to press the ‘F’ button before the ‘X’ button, because saving and subsequently closing blender after that will delete the anim.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I found that if, for instance, after saving and closing blender, so long as the animation is still set/loaded up in the action editor, the anim will be restored on a subsequent restart even if the F button is NOT pressed.

Please don’t think you wasted your time. Anyone with a similar question will see your title, read your well written problem description, and, if it matches his question, will find the tutorial in your second post. You are saving a lot of people the time you spent finding Richard’s tutorial and getting the answers they need to keep working on their own projects. The only thing left is to edit your first post, go to advanced, and put [solved] in the title, so people will know there is an answer.

Good job.