SOLVED: How to parent an object to a vertex?

UPDATED: See the answer at the end

With a hook you can “parent” or link a vertex (or group of vertexs) to an object. What I need to do is to parent an object to a vertex of another object. Is there a way to do it?
And to parent an object to a face (or a face normal) of another object?

P.S.: The idea is to have a car chassis (the rigid object) follow the movements of the upper vertexs of a softbody oblongue cube where the lower vertexs are the wheel axes.

UPDATE: Solution
1: Select the rigid object;
2: Shift-select the softbody object;
3: TAB to enter edit mode;
4: Select the vertex you want to be the parent (or three vertexs for a face);
5: Press Ctrl-P;
6: from the popup menu, select Make Vertex Parent.