[SOLVED] Is there a way to export gradient to match with uv map?

I’m pretty new with Blender, so this is probably a noob question to ask and that I make it more difficult than it actually is, also sorry for my English…

I would like to have this gradient hair for my character, I thought instead of struggling with making an uv map of the messy hair and paint it like I did with the face it would just turn non-seamless, so I tried out doing a gradient in Blender Cycles, the gradient looks perfect, though I would like to “export” that gradient together with the hair’s uv map into .png so that can use it as a texture like I do with the rest of the body, though idk if that’s possible and I can’t find any help googling around.

If someone knows how, or knows other ways to do it I’m grateful! :blush:

You may need to check some tutorials on baking, but bake your texture/control maps on a diffuse and that will bake it to the texture you need, umm you may need to bake it at a higher resolution then you need and scale down, a word of advice on this is unwrap your model on a 1024 texture with snap to pixel turned on, and when you bake make sure that your pixel bleed on your bake settings is 2x the amount you want to down scale your image by and it should port to most engines alright and with minimal issue. (no promises)

thank you for the reply, for some reason the gradient won’t bake, it only do one single color.

I think you’ll need to disconnect the emission shader for the bake to work:-

it’s working now, thanks for taking the time :blush:

I am facing the same problem although I don’t use any emission node, please help

Hi @Sushrith_S_Nayak,

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve with the shader, I’m guessing some sort of gradient ?

If this is what you are trying to bake then the two multiply nodes ( shown disconnected in my image) are not necessary, they are simply making ANY colour go to your off-white:

Baking works with either, but the output is obviously different.

Hope that’s of help.

@DamianJ , thanks for taking time to help me out,
Although I tried what you did, but still it doesn’t seem to work,

Actually I realised this issue is occuring with spherical gradient, So any solution for that?

With the spherical gradient you’ll need to use the GENERATED input for the mapping but the UV channel for the output bake.

You’ll also need to change the values in the mapping node to align the gradient as you need for the mesh:


That really worked !
Thank you !!

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