[SOLVED] Just click in select box mode

All right so I had to rebuild my prefs because they were corrupted. Everything is back to normal except for one thing: in select box mode, I can’t just click on a face to select it. I absolutely need to drag and it’s driving me crazy. It wasn’t the case before and it’s not the case with the default prefs either so I screwed up somewhere and I’ve been spending more than an hour trying to figure it out. Any idea?

try to load the factory settings…

Well, that’s my point. Default settings work but my Blender is highly customized. I remapped a lot of stuff to fit my needs and in the process I broke the box selection but I don’t know what I did.

Check that Select operators in 3D View (Global) are mapped to Click, and also that there are no mappings in Mesh -> 3D View Tool: Select Box that map to Press.

Only other option i can think of is maybe check if open gl depth picking is working

Still can’t figure it out. Another thing I can’t reproduce is that if I’m in move, scale or ratite mode, I can RMB click and drag to scale the object. I started to use Blender with 2.80 beta. I’m a 20 years+ Maya user and I wanted to get Blender as close as Maya as possible. I found somewhere that someone had setup the keymap.py script to make it as close as possible to Maya hotkeys. although I changed many hotkeys since then, I suspect that these behaviours come from that file I installed a long time ago. Even if I restore all the hotkeys, I still have the same issues.

Ok, now I know it’s in that /scripts/presets/keyconfig/keymap.py file that everything happens.

Ok! Found it! There was a lot of stuff related to “file browser”. I deleted them all and now I’m in business.

Congrats! Lol blender is great for customizing but it can be too customizable sometimes or weirdly limiting…like a jungle of code and scripts

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I’m glad I got it to work. In Maya I’ve been using my prefs since 1996 and every time I have a problem, Autodesk’s answer was always to trash my prefs. But that was in a previous life. I’m a Blender guy now. :slight_smile:

I have to admit, the ability to RMB click and drag to move, scale and rotate is awesome and I would have hate to lose that ability. That probably came from the initial script I mentioned before.

Feel free to check my channel on YouTube! Just search for Blender Bob. :slight_smile:

I’m already subscribed lol